Sunday, March 02, 2014

How a cabbie and his friend charged me twice the amount and robbed another 84 dollars !

I reached JFK around 3.15 pm (2nd March , 2014 local time ) and took a taxi from there. A driver and a navigator (!) was present from the airport. I felt fishy and since I did not have any option, in a speeding car, I  kept quiet. They were trying to engage me in conversation ( one was Mexican and he introduced himself as Raoul  and  navigator was African American ) talking about cricket , all things India etc. Even though I was lukewarm in my response, they kept on speaking to me.

When we reached Hilton Hotel , I asked the amount to be paid , they said 357 USD + Taxes + Tips and the amount will be 460 USD. Navigator started writing the bill and wanted money to  be paid to the Driver.When I took my borderless pre-paid card , they told me that during the weekend , they won’t take credit card and want cash. We went to a Wells Fargo ATM and I retrieved 500 USD  and came back to the Cab. I took two 20 USD  and handed over the rest  to the Driver. Driver in the pretext of counting did something and gave the money to the navigator to count.  Navigator began to get angry towards me saying that I tried to “cheat” them and showed me the count to be 380 USD ( I saw four 1 USD notes inside the notes. I am sure that it was inserted by the Driver  ). I am sure the driver took four 20 USD and inserted 4 1 USD.

They threatened to physically harm me for trying to “cheat” them.  At a place where no one around , I was forced to pay extra 80 dollars. They acted as if they are in rage and put my luggage outside the car and sped away.  From the Wells Fargo ATM , I had to walk close to 800 meters to the Hotel.

Their Cab # is    GMX – 1835 ( I am re-collecting it from my memory. )

When I asked the Hotel people , they informed me that Taxi-Cab fee is 149 USD from JFK to Hilton. In the End , I paid more and robbed off further 85 dollars.


Shabeer Ali said...

Same thing happened to me at mumbai travelling from railwaystation to accomodation.. I gave a 1000 Rupees note and the driver was holding the note between his 2 fingers and talking to me and then the note changed to 100 Rs note.. He then asked me for balance payment. I was confused myself whether i really gave him 100 or 1000.. They left . later in the hotel i tallied my total accounts and found that there was a difference..

Anonymous said...

Indian Taxi drivers are better than US