Tuesday, February 18, 2014

"Amma" Amritanandamayi issue - "He who hasn't sinned cast the first stone"

A book published by the Amazon , titled, "Holly Hell" has raised serious allegations against Matha Amritanandamayi. She is popular among a section of people in Kerala and is affectionately called Amma.
Since I have not read the book, I cannot comment much on the content. Based on the feedback, there are grave allegations leveled against her.

The author , being a one time prime devotee , accuses the people of ashram for even rape or forced sex with the inmates. In the Facebook, this has become viral. 

I looked at the pattern of comments and I am seeing "unusual" interest among Xians (70%) , Muslims (20%) and Leftists (10%) ( I visited profiles of Individual people after their comments, if the guy is having non-Muslim/non-christian name ) about this issue. They are targeting the ashram by using this book or genuinely concerned about the misdeeds of ashram people.

There are thousands of Xian preachers all across Kerala and TamilNadu, who has been accused of these kind of stuff. The same people or people with similar mentality , who are criticizing "amma" generally keep quiet. Muslim community has got its own sectional leaders and "sidhans". They are also accused of similar things. . Catholic monastery and Prayer halls are notorious for these things. 

The Xians should purify their camp first before throwing stones at "Amma". The dormant "Communalism" of Muslim guys also speaks here. ( If the intention is to cleanse the land from these kind of sects and god-man/messengers of god in general, there would have been support from every corner . Now, It is being viewed as a hate campaign , based on a book )

Attn. Xian/Muslims/Leftists

"Organized religions have been attacking the indigenous faiths of India for centuries. In recent times, It has been done in a well orchestrated  way. These so called "god-man" is the only way by which these attacks can be thwarted ( as there is no formal bodies like church or mosque committees) . Your statement will be interpreted as a "veiled threat" against native faiths by its followers. So, be careful , not to give more followers for these sadhus and saints."

The biggest Ashrams in India are run by Xian priests and Nuns. They are accused of homo sexuality , rape etc. in the past. Why these people were silent on the issue. I  cannot comprehend it.

Otherwise, I will think that there is "conspiracy" against the Ashram. Xian conversion lobby and Jihadi elements are in work together here ,to malign an Ashram. 

"Truth never wins the war against anything. The real goal of the people who fight for the truth also matters. I am concerned about the goal of the people who want to expose the so-called truth in this matter"


Anonymous said...

book published by Amazon? Get your facts right or else your credibility will be blemished irrespective of your intention.

Praseed Pai said...

Thank you for spotting it ... I just read about the book and did download its PDF ( I do not have time to read it ) .. Some factual errors do come ....I am more concerned about the message which I want to deliver to people around me...I am not a social activist , a person who feels there is a "proxy" war against people from where her supporters come ...

Anonymous said...

Pliss to accept my grateful thank you! I feel like krying.