Tuesday, April 13, 2010

What is new in Visual Basic.net 2010 and it's Afterthought

One of my erstwhile colleague sent a link which highlights new features available with VB.net 2010 language. ( http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/magazine/ee336123.aspx ).
Triggered by corporate pressures , Programming Languages have evolved in the recent years at
a pace faster than programmers are ready to accept (IMHO).

VB.net has a legacy of 47 years behind it. The syntax of VB.net is quirky because of the "compatibility" (mindset compatibility ! ) issues which MS has to adress. After the addition
of delgates , generics and LINQ , language has become ugly to use.

In my life , i have seen only one first class VB.net programmer ( Wait..Wait...do not pelt
stones at me .. I meant a Programmer who treats VB.net as a first class programming language )
till date. Most others think in C# ( read Sapir Whorf Hypothesis ) and code in VB.net. When i did some code reviews in the past , I saw subtle bugs creeping in to the code because of this programming technique. ( most often when you map A to B , there is potential for data loss from both sides !! [only exception being A be a subset of B ])

Now that MS has decided on a policy of co-evolution (to make VB.net a first class language ) of
C# and VB.net , C# will have feature creap from VB.net. This will destroy the syntatic coherence of C# ( i might be wrong as well..but..this is my suspicion )

Most new language features are Syntatic Sugar. Provide a Macro facility... , everything will be Ok!

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