Friday, February 27, 2015

Why more and more UK Muslims are turning to "Global Jihad"?

To Live in a Western Country, as a mainstream Individual, requires Education, Temperament and Hard-work. First generation emigres who were Muslims, to the UK were educated guys who could make a good living.

From the 1970s, people who emigrated from Pakistan and Bangladesh were doing menial jobs across Britain. They were Cab drivers, Retail shop keepers, Grocery Merchants etc. They did not assimilate properly with the Brit society, because of the Socio/Cultural and Economic reasons. Obviously, the second generation did not get educated properly and ghettoization was a result.

With the Afghan Conflict and Iran/Iraq war, lot of guys from those areas emigrated to UK, along with the African expatriates. Adding Indian expatriates makes it a mix which is very potent, along with Eastern European immigrants.

With broken education, not much cultural alignment with the mainstream Brit society, obviously these guys are a good recruit for organizations like Islamic Jihad, Muslim council of Brittian and other fringe organization. For these orphaned Individuals, The Dangers of Global jihad seems to be far better than dull British life.

Muslim people are still having orthodox belief systems and grow in a restrictive environments. There are multiple reasons for this phenomena

  • Strict Adherence to teaching of Islam makes them Dogmatic 
  • Large Family size in a Western Country is a strain on Family Economics.
  • There is no Escape Mechanism other than Drugs, Counterfeiting and Women
They go to Jail for pretty crimes and In the Jails, they get recruited for "Global Jihad". There is similar occurrence in US as well. Some find Solace in teachings of Orthodox Islam. 

For disillusioned Muslim youths, there is a big terror network waiting with nets to recruit them. Obviously, these guys might fall to their trap. 

If a Global terror network for Hindus existed, Hindus of UK, who are impoverished might have joined them. Since there is no such infrastructure, some gets converted to Islam to find solace with the terror network.

My take on it.

"To live in the Service Oriented Economy of Western nations, one requires good Education, Career and Temperament. If you lack any of these, you are under trouble. If your native country do not have a good law and order system, there is no fallback strategy for immigrants. For Indians, there is an advantage here. Because of the meme of "Pan Islamic Brotherhood", people having Muslim faith gets prey to the Terror network across the Globe. The Exodus to Syria to live under ISIS should be seen in that light"

Thursday, February 26, 2015

A "Clever" Algorithm to Learn a Foreign Language

From a Book stall in Munich, I purchased a book on C++, written in German. The idea was not learn C++,but, to learn German! I picked quite a bit of German  words in those days (circa 2011).

Last week, I was in Costa Rica and before leaving the country, I had an itch to understand Spanish language. I decided to purchase a Spanish translation of an English Book, from a Bookstall in the Ezcasu Mall, in San Jose.

I saw lot of books which are translated into Spanish. Out of the books, I picked up the Spanish translation of the Robert Kiyosaki book, "Why A students work for C students and B students work for the government?"

I think, I will pick lot of words and some Spanish grammar for sure from this book! So far, it is has been going good.

Monica Besra was an illiterate, how she can write in English about Mother Theresa Miracle?

Mother Theresa's road to Sainthood is a conspiracy hatched by the Catholic church to have more followers in India.

According to Noted Atheist, Sanal Edamuraku, (based on an article here)

"Monica Besra is a tribal woman from Dulidnapur village. She is illiterate and speaks her tribal mother tongue only, laced with a few words of broken Bengali. Until recently she has not been a Christian. The statement is written in fluent English and shows familiarity with details of Catholic belief. It is obvious that the text has not been written or dictated by her. But Monica Besra is not available to bring light into the murky story: she has vanished. She must be “under the protection of the church”, suspect those close to her. She was not seen, since her name, despite all efforts of secrecy, became public." 

Read the full article. One can criticize Mohan Bhagwat for Political opposition and it is permitted in Inida. But, do not believe what the popular myth says. It is always better to have skepticism in what you hear.It will do world a lot of good. 

If a Christian says that Mother Theresa is good and saint, on account of his faith and political opinion, it is not problematic. If he reasons that,she is real "saint",it is not factual!!!

Does Facebook represent reality?

I have seen a curious phenomena in recent times. The people who frequent Facebook are most often the most opinionated ones. The Facebook represents epitome of Gossip and human characteristics. Even a small issue, will get amplified to an extent where people react sharply. May be, their real character spills out, on this social medium.

Unlike a direct confrontation, the Facebook confrontation is relatively easy. You do not get immediate feedback. So, one can be bit bold. That is the reason, why people speak out what they feel. Most often, people speak what they wish, would have like to happen.

How much one can translate what has been written in Facebook to action? I think, practically Zero. It is easy to think and say anything. To put something in action, the logistical challenges are too much to digest. Most often, the action on what we have spoken is not economical or viable.

IMHO, the Facebook represents wishes and there is not much facts to back that what people speak are converted into action. But, it can act as a trigger for some actions which one can take down the line.

But, if a Facebook meme becomes viral, it is dangerous. That has got serious consequences, as the followers of the meme can turn themselves into a Mob. Then, it becomes real!

In a Medium like Facebook, opposition to one's view or counterpoint from someone is mandatory to keep the stuff in check!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Mother Theresa is Wrong here, At least, I feel so!

Now a days, Mother Theresa is in News!

I happen to see post on the Facebook, with a quote attributed to her. I think, If people try to become better Hindus,better Catholics and better Muslims, that world will be a dangerous place to live in.

So, Mother agrees that, there is bad Hindus, bad Catholics (Xians) , bad Muslims!. That is good. They are the guys whom I want to be friends with!!

First of all, there is no one GOD!!  There are many Gods, at least, some cultures believe so. There is nothing called Hindu, there are indigenous belief systems which arose out of various places. May be, the definition of Hindu could be, "Anyone who has not subscribed to Abrahamic Religions of the world, who resides in India". What is meant by a Better Hindu? There is nothing called one. It is Rubbish. There is nothing called Better Human Being. Then, the question of better Hindu does not arise at all?

Better Christian or Better Catholic? According to her, Catholicism is the only school of thought. That shows her binary mindset. Either you are Catholic, or doomed to be in the Hell. Catholicism is serving allegiance to the supreme leader, the Pope. Better Catholic means extra territorial loyalty to Pope and his associates? What about other countless churches? It is a classic case of Us and them mindset!

Better Muslims? According to one theory, "ISIS represents relatively better Muslims". I do not want better Muslims. I want bad Muslims around. If they are good or better, it is shivering for me.

There is no saints among human beings!... I had written about it here, couple of weeks back.

Why "English Speaking" people are away from reality in India?

I happen to come across couple of people who are always finding problems with what is happening around them, in India. They are abusive about everything which is happening out here. On Closer observation, their life has got some kind of "emptiness" in it. At least, I felt so.

One is working in the Banking sector and other one, in the IT services Industry. They have got striking similarity in the way they observe things around them.

One unusual attribute which they posses is , they only speak English, a habit they both picked while training for Indian Civil Services Exam. At least, it took some ten meetings before I could make them speak Malayalam. When they speak  Malayalam, at times, their judgments are much more in tune with the reality.

Does Language make such a difference?

I believe so!

Here is my take on the stuff

"When you speak English, you tend to use lot of abstraction. In a world bereft of the complexity of details, everything is working according to some kind of Logical Model. But, in reality, things are having exponential complexity, when models are put in practice. Some of these guys have been using English language more than their vernacular tongue (Malayalam, in this case) and their thinking is very abstract in nature. It creates problems for them and people who associate with them. When you speak in your native tongue, you are "aware" of what you are speaking and things are coming from your heart. If you stray away from reality, while speaking in your native tongue, an auto correction mechanism seems to trigger in. Make people speak native tongue, in private. They are much more sensible."

At least, when people speak about Ivory tower stuff, I accuse them

"This guy is speaking English. I am not able to comprehend him"

Friday, February 20, 2015

Tale of two Churches in Cartago,Costa Rica

Yesterday, while returning from a Business meeting, we passed besides the Basilica of Our Lady of the Angels, Cartago. Our host told  about the significance of this church as the largest Pilgrim center in Central and South America.

You can read about the church here.

Near by, is the Santiago Apóstol Parish Ruins. Several churches were built there, and natural disaster struck it down. Today, it is a public park with occasional mass. We passed by the structure as well.

"According to a popular legend, there were two brothers who lived in colonial Cartago city. One of them was a single, nice and loved person and the other a priest. A rivalry arose between them as both fell in love with the same woman, who chose and married the lazy brother. The priest was infuriated, and did everything he could to destroy his brother. Then, in 1577 during the New Year's mass, he saw his brother in the church and killed him with a knife. In penance for his mortal sin he built a church for the city, but one year afterwards an earthquake destroyed it. Each time it was rebuilt, another new earthquake destroyed it, until 1910 when it was canceled and thought to be a cursed site. It is also said that in foggy nights, it is possible to see the priest, headless, inside the ruins, wandering for eternity as his penance for desecrating a holy site.[7][8]"

Hotel Quelitates - an Unforgettable Experience

Yesterday, for a Business meeting, I happen to go to, Hotel Quelitates, which is situated near the city of Cartega, Costa Rica. The Hotel might be 70 kms away from Downtown, San Jose. It is a valley of the Peñas Blancas de Cachí. There is a big Hydro electric dam on the way.

You can see a snap of the Virgin forest around the Hotel. 

With the help of a guide, you can go to this Waterfall.

Two Snaps of a Room which you can occupy for $125 is given below.

If you visit Cartago, visit this place.

an Awsome mall in San Jose, Costa Rica

I happen to go to Multiplaza Mall, Ezcasu, San Jose, Costa Rica. I felt, as If, I was in a posh mall in America. You have all the brands in the world, including some not so well known outside South/Central America.

The mall is located very near to the UST Global Office in Costa Rica. Eventhough, I had gone there to take lunch couple of times , today, I went there along with Kenneth Miralles, our Costa Rica Business Development Manager. Did some shopping for my kids, wife and niece.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

"NasRanikal" Adi Vangikkunna Mattu undu, Achanmar Kashum undakkum!!

"Every institution is a fraud committed on it's own members!"

All Institutions are fraud. Sometimes, because of Social mechanics, we are forced to tolerate this fraud. This is more exemplified in the case of Catholic Church. The institution which is supposed to represent social and religious aspirations of
It's followers, are trying to grow, by putting the lives of Average Christians,under the fire.

A secret document which got leaked says that, Catholic church is on an ambitious plan to Convert India to a Christian Nation. It is a well known fact that, by covert social engineering, the institution has been a "nuisance" for most people, by meddling in Social Life of certain states.

When people  aggressively  Evangelize and Proselytize, target communities, react sharply and it can lead to Violence. The functionaries of the Church will be in their "Burroughs" and an average christian on street will suffer. After violence, Church functionaries and their Secular Allies will come and raise a cry of Christian Persecution. This is mostly the case in India and Sri Lanka.

If Catholic Church tries for conversion, existing Christians will Suffer. When Prof. TJ Joseph's hands were chopped, No one from the Church raised the issue. They apologized instead. When the issue of of deliberate serving of "Pig meat" in a school came, the Church apologized. They create or instigate issues and raise the "foul" cry.

To get fund and influence the Political opinion, during Election time, Churches do go for self engineered attacks. The Conversion bug which is instilled in Average Catholics are prime reasons, people hate Catholics,If they do.  I have observed that.

Does Programmers who use their native tongues are smarter ?

In the past three days, I have met some remarkable individuals who can do computer programming to Mathematical/Statistical modelling, here in Costa Rica. What they have done is very amazing and they are very passionate and communicative about their work. Unfortunately, most of them can only speak Spanish!

Because of high literacy rate and being a leader in Happiness Index, Costa Rica seems to be a preferred destination for lot of Multinationals. Some guys whom I met are equally good in Hardware/Software/Firmware and are Mathematically adept.

Here is my take,

"In India, we have got a relatively easy life. Even If, you are without work, because of the social structure you can live for couple of years, before your benefactors call it a day. Here, being an expensive country, there is no free lunch!  I have got a suspicion that, since these guys can internalize things better, being schooled in their native tongue (Spanish, in this case),they can focus on their problem. Whatever you understands in your native tongue (Yes, Language is thought, at least, phenomenologically) can be retained!  Since most of the Technical, Management and Literature gets converted to Spanish, more or less, at the same time as English, other than for communicative purpose, these guys do not need to use English. They can use that energy for better use."

Of course, the bottom line is, "If there are no Free meals, Competence do come. If you have lesser cognitive load ( in Language transliteration) in our thought and communicative process, you can excel!"

Just a thought!

Monday, February 16, 2015

When real Moral policing came, Everyone is running for the cover!

Some time back, Kerala was protesting against the moral policing done by the affiliates of the "Sangh Parivar". The consolidation which was seen across the state was phenomenal. At least, people were united on one issue.

From the start, everybody knew that it was a political movement. Some youngsters, who were thirsty for sex also joined. The movement had political agenda and the real act of Moral policing was just a way for making a cry for,  politically motivated Leftists, Xians and Muslims, after the BJP govt. has come to power.

I had written about this here

I Insist you should go for the "Kiss Day"

Who does Moral Policing in Kerala? Let them go for the "KISS DAY"!

Christian clergy and Islamic groups were really worried, when the Kiss of Love protests happened. They are the biggest moral policing brigade in the town.

Yesterday, a fifty year old man, Prabhakaran died, after attacks from a Moral policing gang. Identity of the criminals are not yet available, or, they might have been purposefully kept under the carpet. There are different possibilities here

  • Prabhakaran might have been hobnobbing with a lady, whose another accomplice with a dubious wish might have become "jealous" about him. He and his friends might be the group who did it.
  • Prabhakaran might have been hobnobbing with a lady, who relative used his "Sangh Parivar" connection to do this act 
  • Prabhakaran, a "Kaffir" might have been hobnobbing with a "Dini" lady and in the name of god, he should be punished, right?
  • Prabhakaran might have been hobnobbing with a lady, who relative used his "DYFI" connection to do this act.

Fact that, Identity is not revealed, it might be a case of  Options #3 or Option #4. If it was option #2, the cry would have been bigger by now. But, all are "equi-probable"

Let us wait, for the eventual outcome of the investigation. 

After Mohan Lal, It is Amitabh's turn with "Lalisom" (Bachanism)

Mohan Lal, inadvertently gifted a word to the English language, "Lalisom", after a miserable concert at the opening ceremony of the National Games.

Lalisom (aka Bachanism)
Lalisom (noun, slang) : The act of courting unwanted controversy by doing something that you are not an expert at, especially singing and sports commentaries

lalistic (adj), lalistically (adv)
1. John always sings whenever he gets an opportunity and we are fed up with his lalisom

2. You made a speech at a huge gathering of such eminent experts without any preparation? How lalistic
of you!

After Amitab Bachan's effort at giving  running commentary for the India/Pakisan Cricket Match, The definition of Lalisom should be broadened to include "Sports Commentary".
Amithab Bachan is the harbinger of "Lalism" to the Bollywood. 

"Cab Robbery" Effect

Last year in the month of March, I was robbed by a "Cabie" and his accomplice at Montvale, New Jersey. I had written about it, here. Since then, I have got even fear to get into an Auto Rickshaw. After I posted the blog, I understood that, it was common to get robbed from JFK and people did not report it, out of shame. Later I learned that, the "algorithm" they used were common in Mumbai.

Yesterday, at Sanjose, Costa Rica. A Driver at the airport  asked me whether I am interested in availing his taxi service. I began to ask series of questions to him and he was puzzled, after couple of them. May be, he might not have faced the amount of questions I have thrown at him.

I made a judgement to get into his cab. Once he switched the meter on, it was running like mad. I asked him, why meter is running so fast? He said, approximately, it will cost me $40 USD and the meter is running Colon, normalized to some figure. if the meter is running USD, I would have become bankrupt, at the end of the service!

Finally, I reached the hotel safe and paid him $5 as tip. I was bit relieved, after I got boarded.

Last Year's Cab robbery had such a telling impact on me psyche. I gave a moniker to it, "Cab Robbery" Effect.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

I saw a "Stand-up Mathematical Enthusiast"

You might have heard about "Standup" genre of Comeday. Yesterday, while I was waiting for a long emigration queue at the Juan Santa Maria International Airport @ San Jose/CR , I found lot of restless men and women cursing the length of the queue.  Since I was hungry and was interested in answering nature's call, I was bit restless too.

One Lady, who might be in her mid thirties, seems to be the calmest person in the lot. Since Queues were organized in a Zig Zig manner, I saw her reading a book titled, " A (Mind ) for Numbers". She was even scribbling inside the pages, while standing up right.

The bespectacled women looked like an Academic and book seems to offer her pleasure, despite being in the  midst of a patient wait.

As Ambrose Bierce said, "Patience is agony portrayed as a Virtue!". Obviously, the book might be so interesting to engross her up. I searched Amazon and found that paper back edition of book is available at a cost of Rs. 340. The reviews seems to be favorable and I will be buying a copy soon.

It seems to be a book on Math Cognition.